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Lake Nona is a community focused on the future of Central Florida. Where greater opportunities are being created for generations to come. Aspirations become realities and merge into collaborative innovation.

Lake Nona is a 7,000-acre mixed-use planned community within the city limits of Orlando southeast of Orlando International Airport. Being developed by Lake Nona Property Holdings (owned by Tavistock Group), the Lake Nona Region is home to Lake Nona Golf & Country Club, a life sciences cluster becoming known as Lake Nona's medical city, and an array of retail centers, recreational facilities and residential options.

The community is named for a large lake in the northern part.

Lake Nona Medical City is considered a biomedical research and educational hub since it includes the University of Florida College of Nursing and the University of Florida College of Dental Medicine, Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute, the Orlando Veterans Administration Medical Center, Nemours Children’s Hospital, and a University of Florida Academic and Research Center.

Golf, tennis, cycling and more await the active Lake Nona resident. Moss Park, a large county park near Lake Nona, offers everything from new playgrounds to fishing, canoeing and volleyball. Lovely, local Crescent Park hosts events such as live music and group yoga and is something of a focal point in the community. Orlando may not have its own ocean, but it’s not far. You can get to Cocoa Beach in less than an hour and be back in time for tapas and craft cocktails at one of the area’s growing roster of upscale eateries.

In an affluent, tech-forward community like Lake Nona, education is important. Groundwork has already been laid to support it — after all, Lake Nona’s children can, quite literally, attend everything from pre-K to medical school without leaving the area! Aside from the higher education benefits of the UCF Health Science Campus and the University of Florida Research Center, its public schools are well regarded. In fact, Lake Nona High’s Collegiate Program allows student to take college-level classes that will count toward their undergraduate degrees once they’re out of high school.

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