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Tina Lopez - Thursday, April 28, 2016
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Here is a list of recommended home inspectors for your consideration. While we have worked with these companies in the past and do appreciate their level of service, it's important for you to know that none of these have any affiliation or offer any representation to Legends Realty or any of it's agents. In fact the inspector isn't allowed to share a copy of the inspection report with anyone else without your approval. I do however recommend that you provide us with a copy so as to better facilitate any repair contract negotiations. If you wish, feel free to contact these companies, ask them to explain their services to you so you can decide on which company, if any of these to choose as your home inspector. Once decided, let us know who and when you would like to have the home inspection completed so we can schedule with any appropriate parties. Also all of these companies typically work closely with termite (WDO) inspection companies. I highly recommend having one done. Please inquire about including a WDO inspection at time of home inspection as well. I would also encourage a wind mitigation inspection to be included as this will often safe you additional money on you insurance premiums.

If you decide to go with another home inspector, please simply forward us their contact information. As well if you decide to forgo hiring a home and/or termite inspector, please notify us in writing or email of your decision. Dan Lopez - Legends RealtyDan Lopez | Legends Realty | 290 Waymont Ct., ste 100 Lake Mary, FL 32746 | | Mobile: 407-705-3915 |

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