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Buying a Home .. Should I work with a Buyer's Agent? - Video

Tina Lopez - Monday, May 2, 2016

Are you interested in buying a new home in Central Florida? If so then you should know that for years Legends Realty has been offering free buyers representation to our customers. Helping them buy and sell real estate in the best possible way. This means ...

  • Finding you the best home
  • Negotiating at the best price and terms
  • Within your time frame
  • With the least amount of hassle and stress

A Buyer's Agent is a real estate professional specifically and professionally trained who works for you the buyer, representing your best interests throughout a home purchase whether it's the perfect previously owned home or new construction. There are many benefits to using a buyer's agent with my experience and level of professionalism and, just to let you know right from the beginning, my services and all these benefits don't cost you anything. Believe it or not, my services are already figured into the real estate transaction, paid for by the Seller in most cases on closing day! When I work for you I will: 1) Educate you about the practice of Buyer representation, outlining my fiduciary responsibilities to you as a Transaction Broker, including complete Honesty, Disclosure, Confidentiality, Skill, Care, Diligence and Accountability. 2) Create a detailed profile of your future home needs, wants, expectations, "must haves", etc. and send the appropriate properties your way saving you a great deal of time and preventing a great deal of effort and frustration. 3) Help you get familiar with our local market, customs, rules, and expectations. there is a lot here to consider and you should be working with someone who understands the process and can keep you remain several steps ahead of the game, so to speak. 4) Help you explore all your financing options so you can make the best mortgage decision you can. In addition, I can refer you to some of the first-class financial contacts I've made through years of experience. In short, I'll step you through every phase of the loan process. 5) Accompany you as you view homes, providing price analysis of them. I can also refer you to expert home inspectors that will provide more in-depth analysis and advice. 6) Negotiate the best possible home price for you, make sure you receive all necessary disclosures, take care of the details of documentation and do everything I can to make sure everything's signed, sealed and delivered so you can move into your new home happy, on closing day! 7) Assist you, if necessary, in finding the right moving company, home insurance, handyman and any other home-related services you need. 8) Put all of Legends Realty's home buying resources at your service. As you see, Legends Realty provides you with high-quality buyer's representation services. So if you'd like me to help you, please call or email me and we can then discuss the first steps in buying a Florida home. Hope to hear from you soon and thank you. Dan Lopez - Legends RealtyDan Lopez | Legends Realty | 290 Waymont Ct., ste 100 Lake Mary, FL 32746 | | Mobile: 407-705-3915 |

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